How to use Arduino IDE to program EBot

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EBot can be programmed by using Arduino IDE as well. All auto generated EBot codes can also be integrated here.

How to use Arduino to program EBot

All the procedures and required files are hosted in this gitithub repository. You can simply use arduino board manger to do this.

  1. Open the Arduino IDE.

  2. Open the File > Preferences menu item.

  3. Enter the following URL in Additional Boards Manager URLs:

  4. Separate the URLs using a comma ( , ) if you have more than one URL

  5. Open the Tools > Board > Boards Manager... menu item.

  6. Wait for the platform indexes to finish downloading.

  7. Scroll down until you see the EBots entry and click on it.

  8. Click Install.

  9. After installation is complete close the Boards Manager window


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