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EBot is a STEAM ecosystem for students, kids, artists, and robotics enthusiasts to learn, explore and build working prototypes through experiments and games.

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Meet EBot Blockly

Coding is as simple stacking building bricks!
EBot Blockly is graphical programming software used to program EBots.

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EBot Kits

Find Your Perfect Kit Here

EBot Kits

Find Your Perfect Kit Here

Development Boards

EBot eco system include 3 variety of development boards.

EBot IoT   

Coming Soon !

ESP32 powered compact and expandable board for IoT applications.

EBot 8 PRO

Arduino derived board with builtin Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, RTC, Buzzer and more.

EBot 4

A Compact version of EBot8 PRO with 4 Analog inputs and 4 digital outputs.


Happy Makers

Tons of projects are already made using EBot

Over the last five years, our happy makers made an endless number of projects and are still counting.

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Customer reviews

I have a great fun of E-BOT™ for the ease of prototyping it brings and how many possibilities it opens up to students. We have great demonstration and results during the prototyping week conducted here. Thanks to EBOT

Alice– Designer,

Willem de Kooning Academy, Netherlands

We have tested E-bot Kit Prototype in FabLab Amsterdam and I can say that E-Robot is the best tool for everyone.

AAlessandro Iadarola – Designer,

Fablab Amsterdam

It's easy, funny, and powerful. It's the perfect tool to implement electronic in robotics type, don’t miss it.

Emma Pareschi - Analog Design Engineer,

Fablab Amsterdam

It's a very efficient and quick way to prototype anything in a test for interactive installations.

V shetty– Multi disciplinary Architect,


Makers Academy products, especially E-BOTs, are easier to understand and powerful as compared to other kits. While interacting with students during the workshops we conducted in various institutions, E-BOTs made a clear idea of robotics to them.

Sooraj N P,Electronics Engineer,

Armino Solutions, India